Wounded Veterans

Terrebonne Patriots Inc. is trying to expand our support of the Veterans in our region. We are teaming up with many businesses in the area to help veterans upon their return from their service to our Nation. As we all know, Terrebonne means “good earth” but in each of our hearts it also translates to good people, good food, good seafood and good fun. We are going to bring these veterans to our community to allow them to rest and relax in our wonderful culture, eat some great food, enjoy our beautiful environment, and engage with our exciting people. We plan to offer all Veterans we can bring in small groups throughout the year the ability to enjoy a 3-4 day visit with us. We will provide them with fishing and hunting excursions, swamp tours, visits to our cultural sites and will just be their tour guides for the stay. We plan to be the wonderful hosts that we are in the area for some people who deserve a warm meal and a kind smile.

The activities that we accomplished will be tailored to the needs and desires of our veterans. We will cater to their needs. Other activities could include hunting (during the appropriate season), skeet shooting, tours of historic homes, shopping, trips to New Orleans, or just some rest next to the pool. This is the veteran’s weekend.

How Can You Help:



For any individuals or businesses in the local community who have a desire to
help with this project, please let us know.


Some of the things we need:

  • Charter fishing and hunting guides and boats
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment opportunities
  • Personal care events (massages, shopping)
  • Transportation and drivers
  • Items for Welcome Basket



If you want to help with the visits and you love to “pass a good time” let us know as well. We need personal guides and assistants for the events. We’d love to have High School students who want to help with this project as we get started. If you can help, want to be part of this planning group, or just have some ideas please call Danny Picou at 985.637.0156 or karen.lapco@yahoo.com. We are looking to have a scheduled trip once every quarter of the year so it would be great to get a nice list of volunteers to help. This would allow us to pick different people and businesses as we conduct each trip. This would permit us to utilize different companies and people and not exhaust our stay with one company or individual. Terrebonne Patriots Incorporated is 501(c)3 Not For Profit organization and any support should be discussed with your tax advisor to determine if there are any tax benefits for your generosity.